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Big Ideas, Small Houses

Dana Zuckerman has done a lot of explaining since she decided to put four very
small houses on one third-acre lot in the far reaches of Boise’s North End. more...
We have 7 model homes available for you to tour at our sales center. Click on a photo for more information.

Pinehurst 2504
3 Bedroom - 2 Bathroom
1494 Square Feet

Pinehurst 2506
3 Bedroom - 2 Bathroom
2163 Square Feet

Cedar Canyon LS 2083LS
3 Bedroom - 2 Bathroom
2283 Square Feet

Grand Manor 6009
3 Bedroom - 2 Bathroom
1998 Square Feet

Cedar Canyon  LS 2011LS
This Model Home on Sale - Call Brent or Corwin
3 Bedroom - 2 Bathroom
1387 Square Feet

Cedar Canyon LS 2062LS
4 Bedroom - 3 Bathroom
2880 Square Feet

Cedar Canyon LS 2071LS
2 Bedroom - 1 Bathroom
719 Square Feet w/o Porch
Our model homes are air conditioned!

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